This panel contains sections which have general options of the site.

  • Maintenance
  • Preloader
  • Popup
  • Contact Info
  • Social Follow
  • Homepage Settings

This section containt options put your site into the maintenance mode. Its allows you to display a user-friendly notice to your users instead of a broken site during website maintenance. When you log in as an administrator, you can visit your website normally.

Enable Maintenance Mode: Enable/ disable the maintenance mode on your site.

Maintenance Mode: Select the mode for your site. There are 2 option for you to select, Maintenance or Coming Soon.

Maintenance: select this mode if you need to work on building/fixing your site for a long perior of time. It return the HTTP 503 to browsers and bots.

Coming soon: select this mode if you just need to close your website to vistor in a short perior of time. It return the HTTP 200 to browsers and bots.

Mainenance Page: Choose the page that you want to display as your maintenance page.


Preloaders are what you see on the screen while the rest of the page’s content is still loading. In this section, you will see following options.

  • Enable Preloader: Enable/ disable  the preloader.
  • Background Color: Choose color for the background of the preloader.

This section contains options to customize the newsletter popup.

  • Enable Popup:  Enable/ disable the popup.
  • Popup Layout: Choose layout for your popup. There are 2 option for you.
  • Overlay Color: Choose the background color for popup overlay
  • Banner Image: Upload the banner image for the popup.
  • Popup Content: Add content of popup. It allows HTML and shortcodes.
  • Frequency: enter a number of the day that the popup will not show up to the same visitor until this much day has passed.
  • Popup Visible: select whenever the popup show up. You can select to show the popup right after page has loaded. Or wait for seconds after page has loaded completely.
Contact info

In this section you can add your information:

Social Follow

In this section, you can put link of your social media that customers can easily to follow you, like:

Homepage Settings

The home page of your site can contain your latest posts, display a static page or post. You can set it here or in Settings > Reading.

  • Your latest posts: Choose this to show your latest posts in your home page

  • A static page: Choose either a Front page or Posts page. Refer Creating a Static Front Page for more detail information and available combination.
    – Homepage: Choose a page for your front page.
    – Posts Page: Choose a page for your blog.
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