Mobile Features

There are several updated features on the mobile mode from version 1.0.4. On your Dashboard, accessing Appearance > Customize > Mobile.

1. Single Product.

In this section, you can modify a number of features on the single product pages.

  • Mobile single template: Turn on/ off the mobile single layout. The single product template will be similar to the picture beside. However, If you don’t turn it on, the layout will be the responsive template.
  • Mobile owner tab style: Turn on/ off the product tab style. In addition, you also can change the style of the product tab.
  • Sticky add to cart: Turn on/ off the sticky add to cart feature. When you scroll down the add to cart button will be sticky.
2. Product Items

This section allows you to change the layout of the product item. Please Turn on the Mobile product item template. There are 2 templates that you can select:

Style 01
Style 02

Note: If you don’t enable the Mobile product item template, the layout will be responsive from the desktop mode.

3. Direction Bar

If you want to enable the Direction Bar on mobile, you can follow the instruction below:

Step 1: From you Dashboard, access Appearance > Customize > Mobile Bar Direction.

Step 2: In the Mobile Direction Bar section, you can do:

  1. Enable the function
  2. Show/ hide elements by clicking the eye.
  3. Drag to reorder elements.

Step 3: Click Publish to apply the settings.

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