Elementor Footer

If you want to change the footer for your site, you can access Custom Blocks > All Custom Blocks. There are numerous designed footers that you can apply for your page and site.

For instance, in Cenos, you want to change the footer 2 for the entire site:

Step 1: Going to Custom Blocks > All Custom Blocks > select Edit footer 05.

Step 2: Select Footer in the Type of Template section. Choose Entire website in the Display on section. And then, Click Update to save the changes.

Besides, If you want to apply this footer for particularly page (for example: Shop page). In the Display on section, you select Specific Pages / Posts / Taxanomies, etc. and type ‘Shop’ into the box below. Then, you select Shop as the following image. Finally, click Update to save the changes.

When you updated the changes, you will see the status on the Custom Block Panel: 

Common Questions

1. How to edit the Footer info?

Go to Dashboard > Custom Blocks , choose a Footer and click  Edit with Elementor.

Then you can change the information via Elementor builder

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