This section contains a number of options that help you control the search area on the header of your site.

  • Search Type: Select the type of search. There are 2 options for you to choose, Search Button or Search Form.
  • Search Form Display Type: Select display type of search form. There are 3 options for you.
  • Search Form Style: Select the style for the search form.
  • Categories Search: Enable or disable the categories search.
  • Text Placeholder: Add the text of the placeholde.
  • Show Text in Search Button: Enable or disable the text in search button.
  • Show Clear Button: Enable or disable the clear button.
  • Search Align: Set up the distance between the your Search and other elements on the Header of page.
  • Heading Text in Search Form: Enter the text that will displays in search form.
  • Search Form Width: Drag the slider to left or right to decrease/ increase the width of the search form.
Modal Search Box - Frontend
Modal Search Box - Backend
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