Shop Control

This section contains options that allow you control the shop page.

  • Shop Control Layout: Illustrate the layout of the shop.
  • Categories Carousel: Enable/disable the categories carousel on the shop page. However, you also can enter a number to get limit number of top categories.
  • Enable Product Tab: If you do not like the Categories Carousel, you can turn on the Product Tab.
  • Quick Search: Enable or disable the Quick Search.
  • WooCommerce Sort: Enable or disable the WooCommerce Sort.
  • WooCommerce Result Count: Enable or disable the WooCommerce Result Count.
  • Enable Product Filter: Turn on or off the Product Filter on the product page.
  • Product Filter Style: Select a tyle of product filter. There are 3 options for you to choose,  Dropdown, Off Canvas or Sidebar.
  • Filter Title: Enter the title of the filter.



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