Single Product

This section contains options that help you control the single product page.

  • Product Layout: Select a style ò layout for your product. There are 7 types for you to choose.
  • Woocommerce Breadcrumb: Select s kind of breadcrumb for the single product page.
  • Product Navigation: Turn on or off the next and previous buttons on top of product page.
  • Background color: select  color for the background.
  • Background image: Select a image for the background.






















  • Product Image Style: Select a layout for your product image. there are 5 options for you to choose.
  • Product Image Width: Select width of product image, Small, Medium or Large.
  • Image Zoom: Turn on or off a zoomed version of image when hovering gallery.
  • Image Zoom On Mobile: Turn on or off the image zoom on the mobile version.
  • Image Lightbox: Display images in a lightbox when clicking on image in gallery.







  • Text Align: Select kind of align for the text.
  • Show Short Description: Enable or disable the short description of the product.
  • Show SKU: Enable or disable the SKU of the product.
  • Show Categories: Enable or disable the categories of the product.
  • Show Tags: Enable or disable the tag of the product.
  • Button Add To Cart Icon: Enable or disable the button add to cart icon.
  • Button Add To Cart Text: Enable or disable the button add to cart icon text.
  • Show Quantity: Enable or disable the quantity.
  • Product Sharing: Enable or disable the product sharing. You can select social media for sharing product.






  • Product Tab Style: Select a style ò product tabs.
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