How to Upgrade the Theme from version 1.x to 2.x(Urus2021, Eveland2021, Diassy2021)?

The Urus2021, Diassy2021 and Eveland2021 2.x is the brand new version built with Elementor Page Builder. So you can use this theme in parallel with version 1.x.

However, there are something to note:

  • If you are using wpbakery in version 1.x and you want to switch to 2.x version (Elementor) then you need to deactive wpbakery plugin.
  • Content built with wpbakery will not be visible to Elementor either.

How to import the demo without affecting site data?

Leaving the installation of the Urus 2021 theme does not affect the current data. You should follow some of our suggestions below.

  1. Before Install: Make sure to take a backup of all your WordPress files and database before install the theme.
  2. Intall Theme:
    – Step 1: Refer to the full installation steps here, then pause at Instal Demo Content step and follow the next step below.
    – Step 2: Choose these content # 1 priority and won’t affect your data. Continue to choose these 2nd priority content (if you feel that it has not affected your data). Remaining assets: Posts, Pages, Products, Variations you consider not selecting as it will cause changes to existing data.

    Follow the next steps in the complete installation guide.
  3. Import the demo data: If your demo has not been imported successfully after the above steps. Please do the manual import.

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