Category Collections

This parallax support section helps showing your featured collections in slider mode.


Not only same general configs with every single section, this section’s height can adjust easily to show case your background

Section height: Set height of this section in pixel unit. Default is: 783 px

Background image: Set background image for this section, we’re strongly recommended using large image size (1900x1200px) for better result

Enable parallax background: Check this option if you want to use background parallax mode


Responsive layout setting for multi-devices

Extra space between items: Set space between slider item, default is 0 (in pixel)

Auto Play: Check this option if you want your slider auto play

Infinite carousel looping: Your slider will loop endlessly

Number of items per row on…: There are some responsive breakpoints for displaying correctly item in small devices, you might want to leave it by default


To add more collection to your slider, simply click on [Add collection] and choose your desired collection

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