Collection slider

This section is a carousel section which can be swipe left/right on mobile or desktop to navigate products


Same with other Homepage sections, this section also has Heading/Sub-heading for you to describe your featured collection.

Also the text align, and scrolling effects.


  • Limit products to show: If your collection has too many products, it may cause slow in loading your website or lagging while using. This option is the best choice for limiting products to improve website’s performance
  • Display style: There are few styles of product card grid display, you can easily switch here


These are very helpful settings but I guess you can just leave it by default.

  • Extra space between items: Default is 30px, However, feel free to change it by your needs
  • Auto-play: The slider will automatic navigate to next product after predefined time delay.
  • Show navigation arrows (next/previous): The navigation arrows will shows if this checkbox is checked
  • Infinite carousel looping: No matter how many products in your slider, the slider can swipe in a loop without ending.
  • Number of rows: Rows of products will be displayed
  • Other settings: are responsive breakpoints for this slider, you might want to leave it by default
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