How to translate themes/plugins?

The easiest way to translate your theme/plugin is using the Loco Translate plugin from WordPress plugin repository. To use Loco Translate plugin, please see the steps below.

Install Loco translate

From your admin dashboard, navigate to Plugins > Add new (1)

Search for Loco translate (2)

Click install now, wait for the plugin to be installed and click Activate (3)

Using Loco translate

After the plugin successfully activated, you can now see the Loco translate menu in your Admin Dashboard

Translating themes

To translate a theme: Go to Loco Translate > Themes and select the theme which you want to translate.

Once the theme is chosen, if there is no language available, you might want to create a new language for the theme

After that you can see a panel let you choose your language

  1. Select your preferred language
  2. Choose where the translation file will be stored. We recommend you don’t choose a location is in themes/theme_name/lang/, because after you update the theme all your custom files will be lost.
  3. Click on Start translating button

Select the source text and write your translation under the Source text box

If you want to find a particular string, enter the untranslated string in filter translation box

Remember to click on Save button after your translation

Note: To update your language file when you updated the theme, click on Sync button.

Translating plugins

Translating plugins is exactly the same with translating themes. Simple select plugins from Loco Translate menu

Other helpful information

There are lots of text should be translated, you might want to find some text which appeared in front-end environment and translate it instead of translate all text including back-end strings

If you can not find the text you’re looking for (Example you saw the text “My Bag” in your site but can not find that text in Loco translate). This mean the file contains this text is too big so Loco Translate Ignored to scan that file. You have to change settings for Loco translate by visit Loco translate > Settings

Increase the size limit to bigger value, lets say 400K

Remember to save your settings and Sync the files again to update the text content.

You can also visit the Loco Translate Official Website for other information

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