Can not update the Slider Revolution

The Slider Revolution plugin comes bundled with the theme. We’ll always make sure to include the latest version in the main theme package.

Important Note:

  • Our theme included a license for this plugin so you don’t have to buy it.
  • You don’t have to activate the plugin license, it’s already activated.
  • You can’t update the plugin directly from its publisher.
  • Don’t worry about the plugin update warnings.

We provide updates on a regular basis, after 1-2 days to test the plugin for theme compatibility, after that we will include it in the latest theme update, inside the theme_name/plugins folder.

Automatic Update

The easiest way to update the plugin is using our updater. If you tried this method but it does not work then it mean our server is not yet updated the latest plugin version due to testing its compatibility with the theme. Please be patience and try again after 1-2 days.

From your admin dashboard.

1. navigate to our theme Dashboard

2. Select Plugins tab

3. Choose your plugin and click update

Everything should working as expected

Manually Update

This method is recommended for the experienced user only.

You can do it via FTP. Just login into your FTP server and go to wp-content/plugins/revslider/ folder. Unpack file from your downloadable package which you downloaded from the themeforest ( Theme_name/MainFiles/plugins )

Replace all files from unpacked folder into your FTP to wp-content/plugins/revslider / folder.

Important Warning: Deleting the plugin from your site will also delete all your settings that you have setup before. So if you wish to update the plugin just like your Slider Revolution plugin then you will have to first backup all your settings so you can re-import them later. Above is a better method for updating your plugin.

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