This shortcode will show your blog posts

From the Urus elements


General tab:

  1. Target: Select a target will be displayed. Show by single category or Blog posts IDs
  2. Category: If the target is Category then you can choose which post’s category will be displayed
  3. Number Post: Number of posts  limited to be display
  4. Order by: Order products by the given criteria
  5. Order: Designates the ascending or descending order.
  6. Extra class name: If you wish to style particular content element differently, then use this field to add a class name and then refer to it in your CSS file.

Carousel settings:

  1. Number of rows will be displayed
  2. Fade: Use fade effect or not
  3. Center Mode: Your active slide will be centered
  4. Vertical Mode: Slide direction will be vertical direction
  5. AutoPlay: Auto slide to next slide item
  6. Navigation: Show/hide Next & Previous buttons
  7. Navigation style: Set style for Next & Previous buttons
  8. Dots: Show/hide pagination dots
  9. Loop: If yes, then your slide will loop infinitely
  10. Slide Speed: Slide speed in milliseconds
  11. Margin: Space between items in pixels
  12. The items on…: Responsive breakpoints for some specific screen resolution

Design option tab:

This tab contains some advanced configs for custom layout, such as padding, margin, typography, custom CSS… Changing values on this tab is not recommended unless  you know exactly how its work.

For detailed instructions, please go to Responsive Design Options.

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