Import Demo Data Manually Using WordPress Importer

If your site already has some data and you do not want to begin everything from scratch then you should manually import demo contents. The demo contents include: Demo Products, Demo Pages, Sample menus, Theme configuration, Widgets and Revolution Slider Slides.

Import demo products, demo pages using WordPress Importer

From your admin Dashboard, navigate to Tools > Import

Look for the WordPress category then click Run Importer. 

If your site did not activated the WordPress Importer then you can follow the instruction from WordPress to install the Importer. Click on the given link for more detail

Once the importer has been loaded, follow these steps below:

  1. Click on Choose File to browse for our sample  xml file
  2. Select Content.xml 
  3. Click open
  4. Click on Upload file and import

Wait for the file to be uploaded then you will the the notify to reassign the posts author.

  1. Select admin role
  2. Check the checkbox if you want the importer imports product’s image as well
  3.  Click on Submit button to begin import process

Wait until the import successful  message appeared

QUICK NOTE: The import process will take so long to run, you might encountered the request time out error due to the max_execution_time on your server set too low. We strongly recommended to increase your php max_execution_time up to 360. However, if you got error during the process, don’t be panic and just redo the process from import XML file.

Import widgets from Widget Importer & Exporter

To import widgets from our demo content, you will need to install/activate the Widget Importer & Exporter plugin.

From your admin Dashboard, navigate to Plugins > Add New  

Look for keyword widget importer and just install then activate this plugin

On the plugin has installed, the Tools > Widget Importer & Exporter should be available.

Navigate to this tool’s page. Follow these steps below

  1. Click on Choose File to browse for our sample  .wie file
  2. Select
  3. Click open
  4. Click on Import Widgets
  5. Wait until the import process is finished. All of our sample widget will now be available

Import Theme Settings Configuration

From your admin dashboard, navigate to Urus > Theme options

Select Import/Export tab

Click on Import from file button, there will be a textbox appear to let you paste the copied config text to this field

You can get the content of these config by copy all of the content from redux_options_backup_latest_version_date.json file which is included in the Sample Data folder. Use any text editor application to open this file and copy all of the text and paste it to the field

When you already put the file content in the required import field. Click Import to load all pre-configuration

Import Revolution Slider Demo content

Once your site already activated Revolution Slider, navigate to Slider Revolution setting page from your admin Dashboard.

Click on Import Slider

Select your decided slider which are in our folder Main Files > Revolution Sliders

Open the file and Click [Import Slider]

Once the import process finished, the preset sliders are ready to use.

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