Included Files In Package

After purchased item from the themeforest, you can visit:  to find your downloadable themes.

Full unzip list below is everything that is included when you download the main files, along with a brief description of each item.

  • Documentation: This document in offline version
  • Sample Data: this folder contains all demo data which are exported from our demo
    eveland.trinitythemes-widgets.wie: This file contains all widgets which are exported from our demo which you can use it to manually import demo contents

    eveland .wordpress-current-version-date.xml: This file contains all sample content, use WordPress importer to manually import demo data
    redux_options_eveland_backup_-version-date.json: This file will help you to manually import configs from theme options
  • Plugins: The following plugins that we built for theme
  • Licensing: Included some legal licenses information
  • Themes:

eveland Basic child theme of Eveland theme. It is created for people who want to customize code of the Eveland theme

eveland  Main theme file that needs to be uploaded to host to install Eveland theme

  • Revolution Sliders:  Includes all demos of Revolution Slider used in our demo page
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