Plugin: Familab Instagram Shop

Our theme come with very flexible Instagram shop plugin, which let you shows your best Instagram feed as well as ability to “pin” your products to your Instagram images.

There are few layout style you can choose to display

Masorny layout

Grid layout

Carousel layout

To be able to use this plugin, your site should have WooCommerce plugin installed.

Once the plugin already installed and activated. first thing you need to do is configure the plugin. You will need your Instagram access token to grant permission for this plugin fed your Instagram

Instagram Settings

From your Admin Dashboard, Navigate to Instagram Shop > Settings

Enter your Instagram Access token and number of images to be feed per page (Maximum is 20). If you don’t know how to get your Instagram access token, Click here

Add new shortcode

Once you got the message: You Instagram has successfully linked, you can build your first Instagram Shop by visit Dashboard > Instagram shop >
Instagram shop > Add new

Click on Camera icon to show your Instagram images. Select any image you want then close this popup

You can easily ordering your images as well as switching view by click on the Magnifier icon

To add more product pins, simply click on the image and there will be a popup appeared

Search for your product, enter pin text and select style of your pin then Save

Afterward, the pin now can change its position by just drag / drop

Once you’re finished with your product pins. We will set layout for your Instagram Shop by click the settings button

  1. This field will generate the shortcode for you to copy and put in your pages
  2. Select shortcode type: There are 2 type of shortcode, the Pin map and the Modal type
  3. Select layout: Masorny, Grid or Carousel mode
  4. Image resolution: Set resolution of the image, if you’re need the images load faster, choose lower resolution, but the downside is the quality of the images will be reduced

Additionally, if you need to set some responsive breakpoints, click on the checkbox Use custom responsive breakpoints for more detailed settings.

NOTE: Please remember to update your changes in order for the shortcode updated

Using your created Shortcode

The regular way for using shortcode is jsut copy/paste the shortcode in your page/ site content. Additionally, If you’re building your site using visual composer, you can add this shortcode from the Visual Composer elements. Look for Familab Plugins > Instagram Shop

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