How to build pages with VC Default Template?

This guideline will help you to build your pages as demo without building or pushing / dragging each shortcode. Even when you create a new page, or build a new Mega menu BuilderFooter Builder, My account, Shop, or About Us page …..

Create a new page to be same with demo

Navigate to Pages > Add new

Step 1: Enter title of your page then change Backend Editor mode into Classic mode

Step 2: When you page builder changes into Classic Mode, click on Templates then you will see the lists of default templates in Default Templates tab

Step 3: For example, you want to using  Home 01 template, please click on the plus button of Home 01 to add template

You can click on the down arrow to preview the built layout of that page

Once the template added, the template will add exactly contents of our Home 1 to your new page.

Note: After importing the default template, if your page builder does not show the shortcode to edit with VC template (Only see plain text). Please refer to this article to know how to fix

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