Announcement Bar

Announcement bar allows you to inform your customers important messages.

  • Show On Mobile: Enable/ disable the announcement bar on mobile version.
  • Display Position: there are two options for you, it will be displayed on the top of your page or  on the bottom of your page.
  • Announcement bar layout: illustrating the layout of announcement bar.
  • Show Close Button: Enable/disable the close button.
  • Enable Dismissing: Enable/disable the dismissing
  • Message: Allow you to add text, HTML or shortcode here.
  • Button Text: Allow you to add button text.
  • Button link URL: Allow you add button link.
  • Open Link on New Tab: When you click the open, you will direct to a new tab.
  • Announcement Typography: Allow you to  customize the announcement font (including font family, variant, font size, line height, letter spacing and color .
  • Announcement Background: Allow you to change background color and background image.
  • Show Countdown: Allow you to enable/disable countdown, set coutdown time and text after time.
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