Heading Option


All pages will read the general settings in Appearance > Customize > Blog > Blog Heading.

However, each page has its own heading option that allows you to can overwrite these settings and make different pages has different heading.

This section allows you to customize the heading on this page.

  • Own Page Heading Settings: Enable/ disable page heading settings.
  • Use Page Heading: Enable/ disable page heading.
  • Select Block: Select block for you page. There are many styles for you to choose.
  • Heading Layout: Illustrate the layout of heading.
  • Heading Background: Select color and image for the heading background. You also can set repeat, position, attachment and size for it.
  • Heading Color: Select the color for the heading.
  • Own Breadcrumb Settings: Enable/ disable the breadcrumbs settings.
  • Breadcrumb: Sellect breadcrumb. There are three types for you to choose.
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