Color, Button & Input style

This panel allows you to change button styles, form styles, color & border and pagination style.

Buttons style

This section contains a number of predesigned styles of button that you can change:

  • Default flat

  • Outline flat

  • Circle

  • Outline circle

  • Round

Besides, you also can change the background color, background coder hover, text color, text cover hover and padding.

  • Background color: Change the color of background.

  • Background color hover: Change the color hover of background.

  • Text color: Change the color of text.

  • Text color hover: Change the color hover of text

Form style
 This section allows you to change form fields style.
Color & boder

In this section, you can change the main color, secondary color, border color, link color and link hover color.

Pagination style
This section allow you to change style of pagination and modify its align. There are two pagination styles to choose.


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